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Husqvarna Motorcycle Revolution

Husqvarna Motorcycles are a world renown company that has been around since 1903.  In the mid-1900's, Husqvarna motorcycles were untouchable and dominated in every division until a change of ownership in 1987 that made it difficult to keep up with the high demands for production.  Since then, Husqvarna has been slowly working its way back into the racing scene but with little success until now.  The Husqvarna motorcycle company was sold once again in 2013.  Will this new change of ownership be enough to bring Husqvarna motorcycles back into the #1 position?

The legend of Husqvarna motorcycles started back when Husqvarna rolled out its first production motorcycle in 1903 from their factory located in Huskvarna, Sweden.  Husqvarna has always been known for producing world-class motocross and enduro bikes with unbelievable sling-shot power bands.  Husqvarna won many world championships back in the 60's and 70's in both motocross and enduro classes.  Husqvarna was winning championships in all of the 125, 250, 350, and 500cc divisions with some years winning multiple championships.

Husqvarna absolutely dominated the competition for decades until 1987 when an Italian company named Cagiva purchased the Husqvarna motorcycle division and moved production to Varese, Italy.  Cagiva introduced some new 2-stroke models and did away with the old 2-stoke models which already had numerous championship titles but still kept the same 4-stroke models.  The new 2-stroke bikes had difficulty competing with the Japanese made bikes and Cagiva couldn't produce enough bikes and parts to supply the high demand.  This change in ownership is believed to be the reason why Husqvarna motorcycles and parts became so hard to find causing them to be known more as a rare and exotic motorcycle.

Husqvarna motorcycles have been struggling to keep up with the competition for almost 3 decades but with a new change of ownership may prove to be the end of the struggle.  In 2013, the KTM motorcycle company decided to purchase the Husqvarna motorcycle brand name to help expand market share.  KTM is currently the #1 off-road motorcycle manufacturer in the world so now Husqvarna has exactly what it needs with all the financial support of KTM to help bring Husqvarna back on top of the competition.  

Written By:
Chris Nicholas - President of Husky OUTLET

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