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Motorcycle Wheel Maintenance 

Don't be a victim of loose spokes.  When your spokes get loose, your wheel starts to wobble and causes spokes to break leading to complete wheel failure.  Just a couple of loose spokes will cause your wheel to be unbalanced which then needs re-truing.  Those first few spokes will be the first to break if not tightened. 

How to check your spokes:
•    All it takes is 1 spoke to loosen which will cause another spoke to loosen which will then lead to the rest of them coming loose.  Just by tightening these first few loose spokes will stop the process.

•    To check if a spoke is loose, simply tap it with a piece of metal like a wrench.  If tight, it will make a high pitch "ting" sound.  If loose, it will make a low pitch "dong" sound.

•    If only 1 or 2 spokes are slightly loose then it's no big deal so just tighten those few loose ones.  If there are several loose spokes then your wheel may need to be re-trued again.

How to prevent loose spokes:
•    Always have fresh, smooth rolling bearings.  Worn bearings cause vibrations at high speeds that will loosen spokes.

•    Bent rotors or sprocket will cause vibrations and loosen spokes.

•    A single dimple in the edge of the rim will cause vibrations and loosen spokes.

•    Simply put; anything that causes excess vibrations will cause your wheels to wear out if you don't maintain them properly.

Written By:
Chris Nicholas - President of Husqvarna OUTLET

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