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Proper Foot to Peg Positioning

When it comes to riding motorcycles, not very many people consider the proper way to position your feet on the foot pegs.  It seems natural to have the foot peg directly in the arch of your feet but this is not the preferred position for riding.  In fact, riding on your arches not only limits your riding ability but it also is a major safety hazard.

If you're like me with a size 12 boot, riding with the foot peg in the arch of your feet will leave your toes pointing outward away from the bike and past the shifter and brake lever.  Not a good idea for going through deep ruts or tight trails.  Simply moving your feet backwards, so the ball of your foot is on the peg, will tuck your entire foot in with the bike and will not expose your toes.

The balls of your feet is the area directly behind your toes which is the area most desired for the position of your pegs.  This area may not feel the most comfortable at first but it has a lot of benefits compared to riding on the arches of your feet.  You will immediately notice the difference in all areas including shifting and braking.

Riding on your arches while sitting on the seat makes it difficult to shift or brake because you first have to pull your entire leg and foot up around the lever to then set it back down on the lever.  When riding on the balls of your feet, you to simply flick your ankle to bounce your foot from the peg onto the lever with very little upper leg strength required.  This surprisingly saves a lot of energy and is a much quicker way of speed shifting or braking. 

Another important benefit to riding on the balls of your feet is it gives you an extra joint, your ankle, to absorb impacts.  Riding on the arches of your feet will make you feel every impact through your body similar to walking down stairs on your heels.  When you ride on the balls of your feet, you enable your ankle to absorb majority of the impact giving you more energy throughout the day.

It is proven that riding on the balls of your feet is not only safer but also improves your riding ability and longevity.  Riding on the balls of your feet is just one of many riding techniques that should be used every time you ride whether it is on the track or trail.  No matter how much you know about riding, it all comes down to common sense and knowing your limit by riding responsibly.  

Written By:  Chris Nicholas - President of Husky OUTLET

Comment from a fellow rider:  I just got my first bike a few months ago and I've been doing it all wrong, riding with my toes under both the brake and gears. Thanks for the heads up, looking forward to trying it out. 

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