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The Perfect Motorcycle Chain Lube

Motorcycle chains take a serious beating especially in muddy or sandy conditions.  The only way to prevent extensive wear is to periodically oil your chain; however, sometimes oiling your chain with conventional chain lube is not enough because chain lube can only be applied to the exterior and not to the interior of the chain.  So if chain lube is not enough, what is the best way of oiling your chain and what is the best chain lube available?

It is a fact that you will never be able to oil your chain better than a brand new chain straight from the factory.  To do this; you would have to completely dismantle your chain to soak each individual piece with the manufacturers high quality lubricant.
The easiest, fastest, and best way to oil your chain is by using your old/new motor oil.  Next time that you go to do your periodic engine oil change; start your engine to heat the oil before performing the oil change.  5-10 minutes of idling should be good so use your judgment here depending on outside temperature.  While your engine is idling to pre-heat the oil, remove your chain and brush of any debris to prepare it for oiling.  Once the engine is warmed up to operating temperature then the oil should be hot enough so shut-off the engine and drain oil out into your regular drain pan. 
Here's the trick, throw your chain into the oil pan full of hot oil and let it sit for several hours or even overnight.  After soaking, remove chain and hang it over the oil pan allowing all excess oil to drip off.  Wipe the exterior of the chain clean with a rag to ensure that no dirt will stick to your freshly oiled chain. 
Doing this trick allows the heated oil to work its way deep into the pins of the chain.  All the oil is back inside of the chain where it is most needed with no oil residue on outside that could cause a mess.  This simple trick is one of the best ways of oiling your chain that is very comparable to having a brand new chain straight from the factory.  Also, used oil costs nothing when chain lube is $10-15 a can; however, used oil does have carbon contaminates especially if you don’t change your oil regularly.  The oil filter keeps the large carbon contaminates to a minimum but if the used oil is completely black in color then I don’t recommend using it as a chain lube.

Written By:
Chris Nicholas - President of Husky OUTLET

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